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Indonesia Legal System

Civil Law system at Indonesia is a unique amalgamation of the Roman Dutch Law, Local Norm and Customary Law (Norma and Adat) and also Religious Law, a product of slow and delicate combination process that takes time for hundreds of years. Following its independence in 1945, Indonesia began to form its own modern Indonesian Law by pertaining laws from the colonial Dutch and formulating new laws adjusting to Indonesia rapid growth propelled by its National Development Plan. The new Laws were promulgated to suit its developing geopolitical requirements and socio-cultural aspects. This is one of the reasons why Indonesia’s legal environment is unique when compared with other countries in region.

Economic Aspects

Indonesia is full of potential gains for both local and foreign investors. The facts are well known. They include rich natural resources, large population and market potentials, extensive territory in archipelago right in the centre of thriving regions, unexplored mineral and energy potentials and the rising strength of middle class in domestic consumption. We believe that the current and future fiscal, monetary, political and investment policies will be the important aspects that determine sustainable development for developed Indonesia. We are ready to assist our clients to anticipate such challenges and acquire competitive edge in Indonesia.

Socio Cultural Aspects

Indonesia is a nation that consists of various ethnic, cultures and religions and groups, with its urban and rural area populations becoming more exposed to global cultures and rapid technology development. Indonesia’s multi-cultures and common social identities with “Gotong Royong” (cooperation) and Pancasila principles become the foundation in developing its modern identity. Political aspect also significantly contributes to development of Indonesia. The peaceful elections in 2014, both legal and presidential, may give us a glimpse of the bright prospect in Indonesia’s future of becoming the biggest democratic country with Islamic majority in the world.

With our deep knowledge of our national issues, we can provide the most suitable advice and counsel for our clients in our capacity as legal counselors. Taking into considerations the unique condition of Indonesia legal system, we believe that it is only right for a client to obtain comprehensive advice by legal counselor before they can take decisions and achieve the desired result. In short, we believe we must deliver the best counsel and service to our clients. We established the firm with such objective in mind.